Monday, July 27, 2009

School Craze :)

waahh :)

I'm really loving it!

I love going to school now..
I am a Junior high school student.
A bit excited to go to the JS Prom! :))

Seriously, I want this school year but a bit harder because of that CHEMISTRY and TRIGONOMETRY. I hate it :)
I really want to excel this year because... I don't know! I just want to.

bbye ^_^

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Summer Vacation?
Summer Job?

What else I can do during vacation?
I love summer because this is the season I really enjoy.
I wanna go somewhere different.

After long schooling and hanging out with school friends, I want to hang-out with my couzins, barkadas at home and rest as well
I miss playing street games.
Going to malls.

Ahmm. I love swimming!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

My friends and I planned to watch a movie.But only Olive was allowed to come. Yesterday, October 25, we went to Glorietta to watch HSM 3. We were both excited about the movie. When the movie is starting, I told my friend not to talk to me. But I'm talking to her.

When the movie ended, both of us were sad b'coz they already graduated. Olive said: "sana there's COLLEGE MUSICAL".

Friday, October 3, 2008

cOllecTioNs =0

my cOllecTionS aRe:
-> haiRbandS
-> cAndy mAgaZinE
-> tOtal giRl

i juSt sTarted cOllecting thEm thiS year 2008


>i ♥ cOlleCtiNg hAirbanDs
>i hAve aLready 10 hAirbands
>mOst of it are RibbonS

>i ♥ coLlecting it alSo
>i cAn get sOme tips aBout fAshion
>it is oNe of mY beSt fRiends

tOtal giRl:
>i juSt sTarted lAst mOnth
>sAme as cAndymag
>i can get tips fRom tHem!

Monday, September 1, 2008

buWan ng wiKa??

sEptempeR 1, 08"

>>haY naKu bUwAn nG wiKa p b yUn??

<< dbA aUguSt yuN?


<< xA tiNgin q oKei lNg nMan ynG peRfOrmaNce nMin nOh'

>>kHit kOnti lNg puMlaKpak'

<< I waS weAring pUrplE bLousE nD a sKinnY jeAnS''

>>gRabe aNg rOle kOh anG "aRte"

<< prOh k lnG,, kEri kOh nMan'

Thursday, August 28, 2008

bEst fRiEndS

She's kind..
She is bLack beAuty
i Like heR vEry muCh
maDami riN xAng kaLokohan
mAy sEnse oF huMor
lAughiNg iS ouR hobBy
sHe's cRazy

sHe's beAutiFul
sHe's aLwayS eMotioNal
sHe's kind but...
sOmetiMes sUpLada..(pEace!)

she's smart
but a bully(wAhaha' ouCh!)
she's kind but sometimes NO!

she's kind
nD i bully heR sometiMes!
sHe caN do everything juSt to liKe her
i doN't like her bEcause sOmetiMes sHe's noT tellinG the tRuth

a bully(wahaha!)
sOmetimEs lAzy!
but KIND',

Friday, July 25, 2008


Mem'ries we had
Laughter we made
Funny jokes that made us feel good
Feelings that were hurt

still our frienship were always there!