Monday, March 31, 2008


Sunday, March 23, 2008

mY pLaYliSt

Friday, March 7, 2008

gAdgeTs at sChooL

In the first day of school gadgets are strictly not allowed in our school. But since vacation is fast approaching many students bring their gadgets like cellphones, cameras, etc..
Yesterday(March 6,Thursday) I was absent, my classmate,Olive, went to our house to give me something, and she also ask me:

Olive: You will bring your cellphone tomorrow?
Alex(me): Maybe, I dunno!!
Olive: k

And she said goodbye and go home.And when I'm already at school Olive ask me did you bring your cellphone and I said no. When we walk through our classroom several of my classmate bring their cellphones,every minute that we don't have teacher my classmate bring out their cellphones to text. to take pictures and the others I don't know. When one one of our kind teacher saw one of my classmate's cellphone he said that the staff will inspect so they keep their gadgets to safe place so that the staff will not see it and confiscate it!!hehehe!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

aLex'S FaNcY CuBe

Sunday, March 2, 2008

otHer hobBies

One of my hobbies are decorating sites like and my blog and another one that I want to make is it is like friendster. When I'm at home I'm visiting my sites and decorate it. They are very helpful for me.

hiGh sChooL muSiCaL mOviE

Watching high school musical movie is the best.Because I admire Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale), I love her singing my favorite songs in high school musical 1 'n 2 like What I've been looking for, Stick to the Status quo, Fabulous, and You Are The Music in Me. She's nice,cute and talented so I like her very much. Sometimes, I imitate her, the way she move or act is the way I act or move also because I really like her. We also have high school musical at school.

High School Musical at school:

Ma. Olivia Luces as Gabriella Montez
Alexandra Dominguiano (me) as Sharpay Evans
Cherbille Anne Udarbe as Taylor McKessie
Rhegie Boy Bataan as Troy Bolton
John Benneth Cabauatan as Ryan Evans
Amarjit Basra as Chad Danforth


FriEndS aT sChooL

I love going to school because my friends are there.Even though sometimes I am absent they are always there. When they are early to school and I'm a little bit late they wait for me and when I'm already at school they approach me. So I love my friends because they care for me. At school we have a group named "FCAGOS" (fiona,carla,alex,geralyn,olive and sarah) actually, before we are only "AGO" (alex,geralyn and olive) but now I'am already happy because we are many and my friends are always there.!!